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Chain Ecosystems is run by Kris Vette  M.Phil, B.Sc, PG Dip Admin, Dip Bus Stud.

Kris has spent his career in high reliability industries, both at executive management level and in business process re-engineering. He has worked in the UK, US and Australasia.  While in the UK he managed at senior level in the NHS.  He has also consulted in Change Management, Quality Improvement, and worked in Pharmaceuticals and NGOs.  In the NHS he was responsible for the Quality Improvement Program across two London hospitals.  In New Zealand he ran the project to standardise best practice clinical care across the three largest District Health Board’s and was on the National Stroke Advisory Committee.

Additionally Kris has significant experience in Start Ups and has developed high reliability process tracking software.

Over the last few years he has seen the significant advantages that blockchain will bring in both operational efficiencies and decentralised business models.