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Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology are changing business models more rapidly than the computer did.

Be early.

Welcome to Chain Ecosystems

What We Do

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology are evolving rapidly and impacting business now.  They are once a generation technology changes that will restructure many industries. Artificial Intelligence is now able to remove 30% of your operational processing.  Blockchain for business is able to automate processes and track assets across organisations and national boundaries.  It’s vital to both understand the nature of this new battleground and indeed to start using these new tool sets to gain advantage.  Don’t get disrupted.  Stay ahead of the curve and leverage the change happening right now.  We’ll make sure you do that.

How We Work

First, we’ll ensure that you have a deep understanding of how Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are functionally affecting wider business.  Then we’ll paint a clear strategic picture of the impact it will have on your specific industry, how your competitors may already be using it and how to disrupt your competition.  Automated processing, interoperability, transparency and disintermediation of middlemen are some of the game-changers redefining business now.

It’s critical to understand these changes and know whether they could be be leveraged by your competitors.  Your industry may be looking for opportunities to utilise Blockchain technology in a way that enables you to streamline your operational processes and disrupt your competition.

We’ll work with you to gain a clear understanding of your business, its unique forces and work out a clear plan for the best solution to co-evolve with the changes in your current market.  In a rapidly changing world you want a clear line of sight on any threats on the horizon and the opportunities that exist to both counter them and leverage new markets.

Don’t get left behind…

What Are The Options?

We offer a staged approach

You may just want a general introduction to this fast evolving area or you may want a more indepth strategic work-up of the technology, impact and options for early adoption.

We Offer
  1. General introduction to the technology and an understanding of its broad impact
  2. Strategic capture of your business, industrial sector and the main forces at play
  3. Use Case work-shopping (for you or a group of your partner organisations)
  4. Proof of Concept development
  5. Trial a blockchain test site
  6. Commercial development, implementation and change management

These stages can be developed in fairly tight timeframes or progressed at the pace that is right for your situation. But don’t get left behind.